The privacy policy you will read on this page applies to every part of the website where you enter. So, it’s important to read everything clearly before using the platform.

Who do we share your Information with, and why?

As you know, we are not charging a single penny from any of the people who visit our website; it’s still mandatory for us to manage the finance to operate this platform. For that, we would go with online advertisement options such as Google Adsense, etc.

Google Adsense offers money for the number of visitors that appear on the ad and make any positive decision. Moreover, when visitors appear at the link or ad, their personal Information automatically goes to them.

As we are using reliable resources such as google adsense, there is no chance that your data will be used for negative purposes. Everything will be based upon showing you the relevant advertisement on the google search engine whenever you visit the platform. So, it has nothing to do with selling your data to any third party. To use this website, you must compensate with its platform.

Client Information:

Third-party links:

You will get links on our website that will point you to other websites. Usually, we have inserted the links to provide you with a better experience. So, it has nothing to do with anything negative. Still, we are not responsible if you face any issue after clicking on the links.

Restricted customers:

We are offering the services with pure intentions, and we don’t want any visitors to exploit the environment of the website with fishy techniques. One thing you need to keep in mind is that we are investing a huge amount in the security of the website to keep it safe for viewers and ourselves. So, if we find any sort of uncertain activities on the platform, we are capable enough to restrict it and block the user for a lifetime to not get entrance on our website.

User ownership:

Whatever data you are getting for your needs, we will never restrict you from getting it from our website. We are running this platform for everyone, so whoever visits our website and performs activities in an alarming situation is acceptable. You can share the data or information you get from this platform. We have no concerns about it too.