After you enter, you can use it for business or personal related purposes. However, it has to be understood that everything you do on this tool platform has to be under the Terms and conditions we have set. Anyone getting away from it will have to face a permanent ban on this website.

Pricing and Subscription:

As you already know, we have not included any premium subscription or charges on this website for any visitor. So, it doesn’t mean we will remain with this decision forever. Right now, we have no intentions of doing it. However, if we find that we can manage finances for this platform and it does require subscription charges, we can turn our minds to it. Also, you are not questionable about any of the things we do related to subscription charges. Even if we put on the subscription charges, it would be worth it to spend on the quality of the services we will offer on the platform.

Cancellations and Changes to Services:

We have the entire authority to make changes on this platform or turn off the services depending upon the needs and circumstances. No one has the right to question us about why we are doing it. If you have any data associated with the website, it will also remove by the time we turn off the services. So, you also have no right to question us about the data removal.